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Hello, My name is R'eme, your PetPro
and this is Cherie


Do what ya love,
Love what ya do!

Howdy, Happy to see you found me here. I am so excited to share with you some awesome pet products that will put you in a proactive setting when it comes to your pets health. It's time we take the power back in our own hands to care for and prevent many pet health issues. 
     At PawTree we work with a team of trusted vets and pet nutritionist to develop products that ensure are at their very best.
     Our PawTree products are healthy and holistic and come with a 90 day unconditional guarantee. Our products are USA MADE!

I'm so thrilled I found a company that cares about good quality for our furbabies.
     Ok,let's start you on your journey...
     Take a look at our

Paw Tree has you set up a profile for your furbabies, which help pet owners locate specific products to address specific health issues....anxiety, digestive issues, hotspots, itchy skin, loose stool and many more. We are here to help you be proactive pet parents. Thats what my job is as a petPro... to support you in locating the  products to benefit your furbabies.

 We have 16 categories to shop from.

Join the Proactive Pet Parent Movement. Our Core 4 can prevent 80-100% of the reasons you take your pet to the vet, saving time and money as well as save also on repeat deliveries with EZ ship.

Check out our Paw Club Membership and perks 


  • Receive FREE SHIPPING* when you have 3 or more qualifying items* in your EZ Ship order

  • Receive a 25% off shipping on EZ Ship orders with less than 3 qualifying items*

  • Earn Paw Points (PP) for every dollar that you spend*

  • After your very first EZ Ship order has shipped 3 times, all points earned from those 3 shipments will be DOUBLED

  • Redeem your points to purchase products from our site.

*Paw Points are only awarded to Paw Club Customers.








Do What Ya Love 

  Love What Ya Do!

Because you’re in business for yourself but never by yourself, we provide you with the right tools and a community of support to take action in direct pursuit of your goals.

  • No inventory required, pawTree ships direct to consumer

  • Your own personal replicated e-commerce website for easy ordering

  • Online training to learn new skills at your own pace

  • Professional marketing tools to support the growth of your business

  • A community of like-minded individuals for support and mentoring





SPAw grooming line

Raw Feeders 

Our little Pauly Wogg rescued from a Ca. Shelter. Her spa day  : )

Duke,My teddy bear, will forever hold special place in my heart..I Love ya Duke

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